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In the name of God, the merciful, the most compassionate
We face-off in every moment, at a multilateral path with a question that, which way to go and how to move and walk in a dark hazy road. This is the source of our mistakes; the ignorance! when to stop? We Research is a light to this darkness and to enlighten our misunderstandings and misconceptions to prevent misleading. Let’s put a light in all of our activities by research and development.
Poursina Hakim Digestive Diseases Research Center is established to do clinical and bases science researches in the fields of  GI, hepatobiliary and pancreatic diseases. We are committed to solve the most important aspects of Biosocial and environmental health related problems and to advent appropriate technology, educational literatures and socioenvironmental interventions for a better life and future. We are obligated to be green and respectful to the earth.
We are open to all scientists, environmental activists and well-wishers who want to participate in our research and developmental activities. Welcome you all to PDDRC.
Sayyed Mohammad Hassan Emami Najafi Dehkordi
Prof. MD, Gastroentrologist
Head of Poursina Hakim Digestive Diseases Research Center (PDDRC)
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