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Professor Sayed Mohammad Hassan Emami
Professor Sayyed Mohammad Hassan Emami is a leading gastroenterologist, recognized academic, entrepreneur and philanthropist.
He is a full professor at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences where he currently serves as the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, and has extensive experience in medical practice, research and teaching. Professor Emami is also the co-founder, chairman, and majority shareholder of Poursina Hakim Holding Co.
In 1982 he began studying medicine at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and after becoming a GP, earned a specialty in Internal Medicine and a subspecialty in Gastroenterology and Hepatology. Prof. Emami became a member of the Iranian Board of Internal Medicine, faculty member at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and held various managing positions in hospitals and academic institutions. He is among the first physicians in the world to perform TTS balloon dilation therapy for esophageal strictures caused by Epidermolysis Bullosa deformities, and also endoscopic ablation of large vascular lesions caused by blue rubber bleb nevus syndrome by polypectomy both in the colon and the small bowel.
In 2001, after achieving his subspecialty, and seeking the cooperation of professionals and attracting funding, he formally established Poursina Hakim Clinic, the first subsidiary of Poursina Hakim Holding Co., the organization he envisioned. Currently, he is working as the head of Poursina Hakim Research Institution (Holding company) and several charity NGOs such as Iranian Celiac Association and the Poursina Hakim cancer NGO. Other subsidiaries would later be established and the company is still expanding.

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